CELLFLEX®Lite is the world’s ultimate, evolutionary, corrugated aluminium transmission line, and the lightest RF transmission cable on the market today. The light-weight design coupled with its single and multiple bending-radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for congested tower-top applications.
CELLFLEX®Lite offers an attractive price entry point and performance combination for establishing the base station to antenna RF link, and represents a world-first in transmission line technology. Its robust construction and advanced electrical performance herald CELLFLEX®Lite as the next generation in RF transmission development.

Typical Telecom Services
:.: Site Acquisition & Permitting
:.: Tower Erection, Antenna & Feeder Installation
:.: Installation of Civil Work, Mechanical & Power System,
     AC Power Connection, BTS
:.: Testing and Commissioning

Typical Broadcast Services
:.: Tower Erection
:.: Antenna & Feeder Line Installation
:.: Installation of Civil Work, Mechanical & AC Power Connection
     and Power System
:.: Transmitter and Microwave Installation
:.: Testing and Commissioning